Professional Liability

The attorneys at Garson & Jakub LLP have extensive experience representing professionals in a range of legal matters before State and Federal courts. These matters include disputes related to design and construction, investigations into RICO and fraud, mortgage and financing issues, real estate syndication, as well as other areas of business and law. The firm also specializes in representing clients in medical personal injury claims, making them a top choice for professionals seeking legal representation in the field.

Professional Liability is a legal practice area that deals with situations where professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, insurance brokers/agents, and corporate officers and directors, are held liable for alleged errors, negligent acts, or omissions resulting from the performance of their services. This practice area requires a unique approach because a negative ruling could potentially lead to adverse financial implications for the subject, including reputational damage and a decrease in future earnings.

Who We Represent

Garson & Jakub LLP serves a diverse clientele, comprising premium law firms, Big Four accounting firms, and prominent individuals in the fields of engineering, architecture, accounting, law, and insurance.

What We Handle

Garson & Jakub LLP is composed of professional liability attorneys who possess extensive industry knowledge and expertise in various professions. Consequently, they are equipped to fully comprehend the circumstances of their clients and provide focused legal defense. While we are always prepared to defend our clients once a claim is made, our Firm also stresses the importance of proactive intervention to prevent litigation.

Our attorneys are committed to:

  • Scrutinizing all relevant facts and circumstances of each case and developing a robust litigation/defense strategy
  • Minimizing the impact of the case on the client’s business operations
  • Working tirelessly alongside the client to secure a favorable outcome
  • Ensuring cost-effectiveness in all aspects of case management.

How We Help

Garson & Jakub LLP is well-known for its experienced attorneys who have a remarkable history of defending professional liability claims and adeptly handling the challenging issues that may arise in such cases. Professional liability claims may include malpractice, negligence, misrepresentation, errors/omissions, breach of contract, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice.