From Our Clients

If you’re a physician in NYS, take a minute and write down this name and number: Andrew Garson, Esq., 646-863-8980. I’ve been dealing with Med Mal Defense firms since 1984, and Mr. Garson is so incredibly talented, I wouldn’t have anyone else represent me.Physicians have the right to demand of their insurance carrier, who they want representing them. If you want to be defended by the most talented, experienced, knowledgeable, and tenacious attorney, and you want the best chance to win, especially at trial, please do yourself a favor and tell the insurance carrier to assign Mr. Garson to your defense. Believe me, you’ll thank me!

Anthony Colantonio, MD, ESQ


I am the managing partner of a seven-physician family practice group in the worst legal area in New York, the Bronx. Andrew Garson has been my group’s attorney for the last 16 years. Over this time, I have practiced with good medical care and not worried too much about lawsuits because Andy has always been there for us. What makes the difference is really caring about the client. When he has handled a case for us, I knew he was prepared. I am confident he has my interests covered. He is truly one of the Best Lawyers.

Frank Maselli


Mr. Garson organizes the approach from the beginning. He receives the details of the case and goes through them meticulously, researching related cases and then discussing his approach in detail before the trial. He is very open to input on medical facts of the case. He has compassion for the doctor’s situation. Mr. Garson has defended me in several cases very well. I find it very comfortable to have him as my attorney.

Pushpa Lalaji

Mr. Andrew Garson is one of the most impressive lawyers I have ever encountered. His legal knowledge is outstanding. Equally important, however, is his ability to converse in lay terminology, which is a gift. He sacrifices weekends, evenings, and late hours for the sake of his clients. He is receptive to calls and answers messages in a most prompt manner. He truly understands how to lessen the anxiety one typically can have prior to a legal case – a true gift.

Philip Silvermani



Andy is a very warm and likable person who truly enjoys his work. He has a tremendous amount of experience defending physicians in malpractice cases and specializes in defending the cases at trial. Andy is very astute in assessing a case; he has a profound knowledge of the pertinent laws, and utilizes every legal technique to fight for his clients, including fighting over legal technicalities in the best interest of the defense. In addition, he utilizes the most modern tools at trial to assist in presenting the defense including custom illustrations, computer generated videos, and models. I found him to be easy to contact and responsive to my concerns. Andy has a quick wit packaged with polish and professionalism. He will be your biggest advocate and he will always make you feel like a winner!

Roger Frey


Andrew Garson is one of the most talented lawyers I have come across. He is like a bulldog for his clients. He gives his all to the client. His presentation of evidence and cross examination skills are formidable. He is undoubtedly one of the best lawyers in town. One can rest assured that you have the best defense lawyer available if he is assigned to your case. He has an awesome support team and that makes all the difference because they allow him to focus on the court case while they provide all the support that he needs to be so formidable in court.


Congratulations on the defendant’s verdict. It’s a credit the way you handled the trial to win this one (and I hope to me also) since there was a high potential for a plaintiff’s verdict in this case. I must say I was slightly skeptical when we first discussed this case a while back but as we prepared, my hope for us prevailing increased every minute. It was a good move to just play it straight without any exaggeration.

Dr. Alex Stone


I have long wanted to express my gratitude for your ceaseless efforts on my behalf regardless of the outcome. And now that you have literally handed over a double victory in rapid fashion, I can only say I am overwhelmed. You are a great lawyer. You actually made this as pleasant as humanly possible. You imparted a sense of confidence and balance that allowed me to get through this thing. So thank you Lou.

Donald H. Bernstein, M.D.

Louis E. Jakub, Jr. represented me in the above malpractice suit. It is my pleasure to write this letter informing you of his professionalism and preparedness in his representation of me. Mr. Jakub’s understanding of the medical subject and clarity of thought resulted in a defendant’s verdict in plaintiff’s territory. I would appreciate your sharing my positive experience with PRI executives and Mr. Jakub.

Robert M. Freund, M.D.

I was recently defended in the above named lawsuit by Louis E. Jakub, Jr. Throughout the pretrial proceeding, Mr. Jakub was patient and professional, keeping me apprised as pretrial motions went on, and keeping me calm through over six delays over two months. Throughout this time he was flexible. He was willing to meet with me after my office hours to cause the least disruption to my practice.

Once the jury was selected he made plenty of time to prepare me for the full spectrum of questions that the plaintiff’s attorney might throw at me. He was able to clearly explain common plaintiff attorneys maneuvers and prevented me from making statements that that could be manipulated later to make me seem incompetent or dishonest.

He was also very knowledgeable about the medicine surrounding colon cancer, anal cancer, screening tests and complications of chemotherapy. He was familiar with how real offices run and how this practical information would strengthen my defense.

Throughout the process Mr. Jakub treated our work as teamwork. He would patiently listen to every idea that I had about how to present myself or my care to the court. He graciously pointed out which ideas which ideas were more likely to backfire and he expanded on ideas that he thought were worthy. His inclusive style was reassuring. He made me feel like I was playing a role in my defense and I think this increased my confidence and helped me perform on the witness stand.

The whole experience I would have gladly missed, but I did appreciate having such an excellent representative in my corner.

Serena Mulhern, M.D.