Healthcare Law 

Garson & Jakub LLP’s extensive experience and size make it the most qualified medical defense firm in New York, and no other law firm is as uniquely prepared to handle healthcare law disputes.

The field of the healthcare law is considered one of the most expansive and intricate areas of legal practice today. This is due to the fact that it is heavily regulated with hundreds of federal, state, and local laws and regulations in place. The multifaceted nature of this practice involves a broad range of issues, including the complexities of the medical industry, financial and quality assurance matters, educational and training requirements, safety protocols, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, patient rights, privacy concerns, and much more. In order to excel in this field, a law firm dedicated to healthcare law must possess an extensive range of in-house expertise, as well as ample support resources and important relationships with government entities, healthcare institutions and organizations, academic medical centers, and the general medical community.

Who We Represent

Garson & Jakub LLP provides exceptional legal services to a diverse clientele consisting of healthcare and medical organizations such as hospitals, medical centers, institutional facilities, physician group practices, individual physicians, nurses, laboratories, health-related businesses, and governmental agencies.

What We Handle

Our Health Care Law practice area consists of a substantial team of attorneys who possess an extensive knowledge base spanning all medical specialties, regulatory provisions, and operational standards in the tri-state area.

Our practice areas encompass a diverse range of healthcare-related issues, including:

  • investigating and prosecuting cases of health care fraud and abuse;
  • managing hospital regulatory citations and criminal investigations;
  • performing comprehensive medical practice reviews and analyses to ensure compliance with government regulations;
  • handling credentialing matters;
  • conducting pre-litigation investigations and discovery;
  • facilitating Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance billing audits;
  • structuring physician groups; d
  • rafting contracts and operating agreements for group practices and individual physicians;
  • managing matters related to admitting privileges;
  • and addressing vulnerabilities in telehealth and telemedicine programs.

How We Help

Our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to guiding healthcare organizations and practices through the complex landscape of legal requirements and regulations that are inherent to the industry. We are firm believers in the importance of proactive risk management, and we make it our priority to work closely with our clients to reduce the risk of legal action and improve the quality of care provided.

Audit and Investigation Representation: We help clients navigate the complexities of audits and investigations, from responding to audit findings, and developing corrective action plans to negotiating settlements and providing strong defense in litigation if necessary.

Risk Management: Our attorneys provide advice on risk management, identifying potential areas of liability, and creating strategies, policies, and protocols that improve risk management measures and address systemic problems.

Medical Staff Privileges Defense: We provide defense for healthcare professionals who are at risk of being denied or losing their medical staff privileges.

Regulatory Compliance Counseling: Our attorneys’ counsel clients on potential fraud and abuse concerns, and provide compliance advice on a range of subjects such as workplace regulations and financial proscriptions.

Telemedicine Program Analysis: We analyze our client’s Telemedicine programs and provide corrective actions to mitigate potential risks or liabilities.

Telehealth Program Development: We assist with the development and implementation of new telehealth programs, providing counsel and guidance throughout the process.

Investigations and Citations: We work closely with our clients to provide effective representation and advice, helping them respond to any inquiries or citations effectively.

Court Orders: Our team can assist clients in obtaining emergency court orders when necessary to protect their interests.

24-hour On-call Access: With our 24-hour, on-call access to partners who specialize in all aspects of healthcare law, clients can feel confident they have the support they need to meet any challenge.