General Liability

Garson & Jakub LLP comprises a team of highly skilled attorneys with extensive knowledge in all aspects of general liability law. Our dedication to providing aggressive defense for clients confronting such claims is unwavering.

In the realm of law, General Liability pertains to the legal risk arising from injury, property destruction, and/or financial loss suffered by third parties due to the recklessness, behavior, or failure to act of a business or an individual. Common claims for general liability cases include personal injury, harm to property, and accusations of advertising offenses, among other potential causes of action.

Although most businesses and individuals obtain insurance to mitigate the impact of general liability claims, a significant number of lawsuits demand compensation beyond the highest level of insurance coverage. In these circumstances, it is crucial to have a skilled and forceful legal team to ensure the best possible outcome.

Who We Represent

We serve a diverse range of clients, consisting of state agencies, cities, towns, villages, school boards, police departments, insured businesses, as well as individuals.

What We Handle

No matter what your specific situation may be, our attorneys bring decades of experience representing clients of all scales–from individuals and small businesses to large corporations and state bureaucracies–to guarantee that you receive thorough, forceful, and effective representation.

Our lawyers will thoroughly examine the facts and circumstances of your case to assess any potential financial liabilities that may surpass your insurance coverage. They will then create a robust defense strategy that exposes and takes advantage of any weaknesses in the opposing party’s claims. Our team will protect your interests throughout the discovery, deposition, and trial, if necessary, by working hard for a favorable outcome while managing your case cost-effectively. We are committed to working diligently alongside you until we achieve a successful final resolution.

How We Help

This practice area involves a variety of lawsuits, including:

  • Personal and third-party injury cases such as murder, rape, slip-and-fall accidents, apartment assaults, lead paint and toxic chemical exposure, construction and job-related injuries, motor vehicle and watercraft accidents, and residential scalding incidents.
  • Personal and third-party property damage cases such as fire losses, flooding, motor vehicle and watercraft incidents, and building repairs, as well as reputation-based injuries like false arrest/imprisonment, defamation/slander, advertising copyright infringement, and failure to supervise.
  • Liabilities in the educational setting, as well as administrative hearings. Other examples may include security officer and elevator liabilities, highway design claims, and premises liability.