Electronic Discovery

Garson & Jakub LLP recognizes the significance of the continuously growing realm of electronically stored information (ESI) and the changing needs and challenges that our clients face. Our firm has extensive expertise in conserving potentially pertinent records and helping clients handle discovery in the most economical manner possible, from preservation to production.

Garson & Jakub LLP has extensive experience dealing with the issues faced by healthcare providers of all sizes, from small physician offices to large healthcare systems. This law firm has a deep understanding of both federal and state regulations concerning electronic discovery and keeps a close eye on any developments in this rapidly-evolving legal area. To help clients better protect themselves in the event of litigation, the firm’s team is proactive in counseling on records retention policies, e-mail policies, and other methods.

The firm excels in managing custodian interviews to evaluate the extent of electronic discovery and will assist clients in selecting the most appropriate vendor and forensically reliable methods if necessary. We have expertise in creating litigation hold documents and providing guidance on their effective management. Our team is skilled in electronic document review and we use cost-effective technology and personnel throughout the review process. By utilizing dependable preservation techniques,

Garson & Jakub LLP aims to pursue electronic discovery aggressively, helping clients avoid costly liability claims. Our ultimate goal is to guide clients away from the pitfalls of ineffective document management and minimize sanctions and undue expenses, so they can concentrate on fairly resolving disputes.