​Dental Malpractice

For decades, Garson & Jakub LLP has established a reputation as a leading legal firm in dental malpractice defense. Their team of attorneys is highly skilled and experienced in the courtroom, with an in-depth understanding of the numerous technical and scientific issues that often arise in such claims.

Dental malpractice claims can be filed against dental professionals if they fail to follow the standard care practices in their field. Moreover, with advancements in dental procedures, such cases have increased over the years, causing considerable financial and reputational damage. As a result, defending these cases requires a specialized legal perspective and a comprehensive knowledge of scientific, technical, and medical aspects related to such claims.

Who We Represent

We serve numerous professionals in the dental field, including general practitioners, cosmetic dentists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, dental hygienists, office assistants, and other related experts.

What We Handle

At Garson & Jakub LLP, we focus on helping our clients mitigate risks and prevent expensive lawsuits through tailored risk management strategies. In the unfortunate event that our efforts fall short, our accomplished team of dental malpractice lawyers is prepared to provide a zealous and fierce defense. Our legal proficiency, medical understanding, and longstanding connections with specialist witnesses position us to offer a powerful defense.

Our attorneys carefully analyze all facets of a complaint and the pleadings filed to ascertain any infringement of relevant care standards. They then devise an ideal defense strategy based on the facts and circumstances of the case, which may consist of demonstrating that the patient failed to maintain proper oral hygiene, neglected post-procedure instructions, or consented to the inherent risks of the procedure. Additionally, our attorneys leverage the expertise of distinguished dental practitioners to push back against plaintiffs’ claims and scrutinize their financial damages to identify any void or exaggerated elements, which reduces financial liability and negates the cause of action.

How We Help

Garson & Jakub LLP has been serving as a legal defense for dental industry professionals for over a century. They offer legal representation and support when facing a variety of allegations like failure to diagnose oral cancer, neurologic injuries like trigeminal neuralgia, lack of informed consent, delayed treatment, improper oral infection or dental condition treatment, anesthesia or medication-related errors, cosmetic damages due to dental procedures, complications with extractions, defective root canals, crowns, and implants or veneers.

Additionally, Garson & Jakub LLP also takes care of licensing and disciplinary actions related to malpractice investigations with hearings before the Office of Professional Discipline, resolving professional licensing and accrediting issues as well as conducting investigations and hearings before dental societies.